Buckle Up: GTA 6 is set to launch in 2025

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Take-Two Interactive has had a hard time lately. With possibly one of the most anticipated games to hit the circuit, some fans just couldn’t wait like the rest of the world. Back in December 2023, a British teen leaked the trailer and gameplay. Now, it’s time for the real thing to launch, but developers are still having a hard time.  

Image via Rockstar Games


Back in December 2023, fans were eagerly awaiting the launch of the GTA 6 trailer when a suspiciously detailed video came up on YouTube, describing the gameplay, storyline and characters of the game. The video was soon removed and the guilty party was sentenced to infinite hospital imprisonment for the foreseeable future. 

Following the billion-dollar disaster, Take-Two Interactive launched the real thing, racking up 93 billion views in 24 hours. Along with the storyline, characters and gameplay, the launch date was released but it was still fairly vague

The Rumoured Launch 

Following the drama, Take-Two Interactive announced that the game would still be launching in 2025 but did not confirm the time of year. 

It’s been some time since then, and there’s been a lot of speculation regarding the launch. The leak was devastating for the company, and many thought this would add an extra delay to the launch. 

Recent reports from video bloggers claim that Rockstar games have had to increase their employees’ work loads and asked employees to come in 5 days a week. The sudden schedule change leads many to believe that the company is in fact behind on development and fans could possibly be looking at a delay to 2026. 

Image via Rockstar Games

What We Do Know

So it’s mostly just speculation when it comes to release dates, but there are many more details of the game that have been confirmed by Rockstar Games. 

Vice City will be making a comeback! The trailer confirmed that players will be returning to Leonids and that the map will have received some major upgrades since it last made an appearance. 

The story will revolve around protagonist Lucia and her partner. In the classic Bonnie and Clyde style, Lucia is the female lead and is often accompanied on her rampages by an unnamed male partner and/or lover. We do know that Lucia has had some run-in with the law as she appears in her prison uniform in the trailer. Who knows what this pair will get up to either side of the wall of law. 

The game is set to be available on Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5 but there has been no news of a PC launch in recent whispers. It’s fair to expect an eventual PC version but it doesn’t seem like it is a part of the immediate plans. 

It’s not much to go on, and it sure isn’t the real thing, but hopefully, these droplets of information will satisfy you. 


The hype around this sixth instalment in the franchise comes in waves with each tiny piece of information that works its way out of the developers room. There is no doubt that fans will be disappointed if yet another delay happens with the game but fingers crossed no more hackers will cost the company billions and further push back the launch date. 

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