Games That Should Have Been On Your Radar

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We all know the classics, and they’ve reached the top for a reason. But what about those hidden gems that never made it there? A lot goes into helping a game get to the top, and it isn’t always limited to entertainment value. Some brands are well-known and on the radar before they release a game, paving the way prematurely. So what about those indie developers sitting on a gem but can’t fund an expensive advertising campaign? Here, we shed light on some games that didn’t get the fame they deserved. 


This game is teeming with creativity, comedy and critical acclaim. So why didn’t it sell?

Psychonauts was developed by Double Fine Productions in 2005 and was unfortunately considered a commercial failure for several years after its release.

Image via Double Fine

Players follow the story a gifted young boy who is trying to become a “Psychonaut”, a spy with psychic abilities. The game is focused on exploring the imaginative minds of various characters through the young boy’s point of view. Maybe it sounds whacky, but we think Psychonauts was just ahead of it’s time.

It took over fifteen years for the release of a Psychonauts sequel, which boosted the overall success of the game slightly, but it is definitely underrated and under-appreciated in the gaming world. 

Beyond Good and Evil 

This one’s an oldie but a goldie! This 2003 game was created by the now universally recognised Ubisoft and was designed as an action-adventure gale with a twist. The blend of action-packed adventure with photography made for a unique experience that many have unfortunately missed out on. 

Image via Ubisoft

The storyline follows Jade, the journalist and hobby martial arts performer. The story is unusual and exciting as you follow a spider’s web of conspiracies that eventually links the entire planet. The story is brilliant, the characters unusual, and the gameplay entertaining. The downfall of the game was that it just never took off commercially.

Maybe now is the time for this game to receive the recognition it deserves. 


Another throwback, this 2006 Clover Studio production featured a unique style of graphic that had never been seen before. This unique art style still wasn’t enough to launch the game to the top but it definitely deserved it. 

Image via Clover Studio

The game was published by none other than Japanese powerhouse Capcom who is known for franchises such as Street Fighter and Monster Hunter. The storyline follows Amaterasu, the sun goddess in her form of a white wolf, with the visuals created in the unique style of Japanese ink wash paintings - perhaps something gamers didn’t appreciate back in the day.

This interactive art-inspired game follows Amaterasu and her interaction with the world. Players use brush strokes to participate and manipulate elements of the game. 

The game didn’t sell many copies but has risen to fame in recent years due its artistic brilliance that you just can’t ignore

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

Dishonored is definitely a well-known series in the industry but the stand-alone release of Death of the Outsider didn’t receive as much credit as it deserved. This expansion was released in 2017 by Arian Studios and follows the story of Billie Lurk. 

Image via Arkane Studios

The action-packed game sets players on a mission to identify and destroy the character known as Outsider. The mechanics are refined, the story is exciting, and the emotional journey it takes you on is unmatched. Definitely worth a whirl if you’re ever stumped for a game to play. 

The world of gaming is ever-changing and so are the standards. Some of these games were simply before their time. Ground-breaking graphics, emotional rollercoasters and unique mechanics were not always sought after. With such a broad fan-base in the gaming world, these games can finally find the recognition they deserve. 


In the ever-evolving landscape of gaming, it's often the mainstream titles and blockbuster hits that capture the lion's share of attention. However, as we've seen, some truly remarkable games have slipped through the cracks, overshadowed by bigger names or simply ahead of their time.

These games offer rich, immersive experiences that challenge the conventional boundaries of gaming, and their lack of initial commercial success does not reflect their quality or the profound impact they've had on players who discovered them.

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