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Despite being an industry based almost entirely online, the gaming community is a social bunch and they sure do love a gathering. The gaming show contenders haven’t been the same since the pandemic, resulting in the casualties of more than one legendary show. The latest gaming show to shock fans by closing its doors was actually the largest show in the industry. 

Keep on reading for the sad news about E3 as well as some of the fresh meat on the circuit, which might be worth your investment instead. Let’s tuck in. 

Image via ESA

The End of the E3 Era 

There is no organisation in the gaming show world better known than The ESA (Entertainment Software Association). So when they announced at the beginning of December that they would be discontinuing their annual video game trade show, gamers across the globe went into mourning. 

The messiah of gaming shows was last held in person in 2020, and it looks like it will not be rising from the ashes anytime soon. The announcement was made via ESA’s Twitter account, angering many while they were waking up over a bowl of cornflakes on the morning of the 12th. 

After a year of postponing by the organization, it came as no surprise to many that the Los Angeles Convention Center would no longer be home to one of the world’s largest gaming conventions. According to an email sent out, the reason for shutting up shop was due to insufficient interest in ticket sales. ESA CEO, Stanley Pierre-Louis has also stated that a shift in how the industry operates and market products, especially with the individual showcases like Nintendo Direct, is a key cause in the closure of E3.

But fear not! Executives from the company have already made the announcement for plans to launch a hybrid show, which will be accessible both virtually and in person. Many are apprehensive of this plan, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. 

The Classic Choice: Gamescom 2024

Known for being Europe’s biggest platform in the gaming industry, Gamescom has made a name for itself in the industry. The new dates for these major events have been announced, and early bird tickets are on sale as you’re reading this. 

Early bird tickets are on sale until 29/02/2024 and will nab you a spot at the event taking place in Cologne between the 21st and 25th of August. 

The Debut Of Copenhagen Gaming Week 12-14 Jan

As one leaves the competition, another enters. Copenhagen Gaming Week looks promising and will be a big kickoff to a year of rad gaming shows. 

The international festival offers visitors shows, features, and exhibitions that will compete with other game shows alike. One of the more attractive exhibitions the event has to offer is the showcase of two of the world’s best Counter-Strike teams. The Danish Astralis and the Swedish NIP will go head to head in this spectacle. 

The tournament will also offer the opportunity for qualified teams to compete against some of the biggest stars in the Bell Arena. Fancy yourself a battle against the so-called best? Book your tickets now because this event takes place in early January 2024. 

Out with the old and in with the new. 

Die-hard fans will be sad with the news of the recent closure of E3, but luckily, the announcement of newer and improved versions will soften the blow. With the stacked release schedule 2024 boasts, these events will all have plenty of content to showcase, as well as some of the latest technology the industry has to offer. Time to get booking before it’s all sold out. It’s our job as gamers to make sure these gaming shows don’t meet the same fate as E3. Take one for the team and help preserve our community!

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