Lara Croft Beats Super Mario in Epic Showdown

Image via Square Enix Europe


A survey done for BAFTA recently concluded that Lara Croft is the all-time most iconic video game character, but do 4000 people really speak for the whole gaming community? Triumphing over Super Mario is almost as impressive as single-handedly beating your missing father’s sworn enemies. 

The 20 varied competitors all had their part in impacting the gaming world, but Lara Croft’s lasting impact is what won her the trophy. Since 1996, Lara has undergone numerous facelifts and has taken part in a number of exciting adventures that fans haven’t always been on board with. 

Let’s not forget the runner-up who managed to beat a race-car driving monkey but can’t seem to tackle the famous Miss Croft. Shigeru Miyamoto and his legendary Japanese-designed characters unfortunately failed to take the top spot in the survey, resulting in a close second to Lara Croft. The game is 15 years her senior, yet it still didn’t have that wow factor the judges were clearly after. 

Her Best Moments 

She’s been in a TV series, movies, and various video games, but some of her best adaptations have to be the original Tomb Raider as well as some of the more recent instalments

1. Tomb Raider 1996

Some may say that the gameplay and dynamics of this game are a little bit sticky, but the waves it made in the industry are insane. 

Originally available on PC, PS1, and Sega Saturn, Core Design was the first to release a banging game that was actually good! Many developers were struggling to wrap their heads around the PlayStation and Sega Saturn consoles, so when this legendary game featured a cool adventure mode and quests to embark on, the bar was set quite high

Unfortunately for Super Mario, who was just finding his feet at the time, Lara Croft brought a certain sex appeal to the gaming community, instantly pushing her to the top spot and boosting the sales of the game. Sega’s beloved gentleman hedgehog took a step aside and allowed her to walk right by waving at Mario and Luigi and she went. 

Image via Eidos Interactive

Not only was she a really cool character, but the game itself was also actually quite fun to play. From the combat to the missions, every part of this game was considered to be a success at the time, shaping the industry for years to come. 

It’s not every day that you get to shoot a TRex in the face whilst exploring a long-forgotten valley. The 2007 upgraded version and even the 2024 remaster were good, but it didn’t have the excitement that the first game had when gamers realised they’d found gold. 

2. Tomb Raider 2013

She’d been MIA in the jungle somewhere cool but Crystal Dynamics decided to use the Bat Signal to summon her back into the gaming world. This version of the game decided to leave out the TRex shooting novel gameplay and opted instead for the more hardcore shootouts with enemies and various cult activists. 

Set on the unexplored island of Yamatai, this game offers a new and often unexplored look at island life, where unhinged cult members have claimed the land and the riches along with it in order to feed their lifestyle. 

3. Rise of the Tomb Raider 2015

A game that challenged the 1996 version with the amount of excitement before the launch, this did not disappoint. A game where players have the freedom to explore and take part in beautifully choreographed scenes is all that people wanted, and there was no disappointment once it hit the stage. 

Rise managed to release a game filled with the perfect amount of treasure, impressive puzzle levels, shootouts that have you grinding your teeth and curling your toes, as well as a magnificently carved landscape. A great latest edition. 

The Lara Croft enterprise will only continue to grow, and thanks to her reignited popularity, we can’t wait to see what comes next in her never-ending adventure. 

Image via Square Enix