Our top Christmas-themed video games

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Warning: This newsletter is for non-Santa believers only!

What better way to get into the Christmas spirit than by shooting a couple of Christmas-themed zombies? The holiday season is upon us, and the Christmas video games are falling like snow, waiting to be picked up for your very own merry fun. 

From games that require you to deliver gifts to the naughty and nice people of the city to games a little more hardcore where the joy of Santa Claus truly doesn’t exist anymore, I’ve rounded up the best video games for you to enjoy this festive season. 

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1. The Escapists: Santa’s Shakedown 

Ever wondered if elves have to sign contracts when they work in the North Pole? Well, The Escapists: Santas Shakedown answers that question for you. 

Taking on the role of Buddy the Elf, your one and only mission is to break out of Mr Claus’s oppressive grip and achieve the lifelong freedom you have always wanted. Collect items and complete little side quests in this prison-break game. 

2. Marvel’s Spiderman: Miles Morales

This game may have been a disappointment to many (not me), but it sure didn’t hold back when it came to the winter wonderland theme. The game is set in the Big Apple during the festive period giving gamers from the more tropical climates a look at what a white Christmas might look like. 

The buildings are decorated, snow is falling, and the lights are up. It doesn’t get more Christmassy than that. This game also happens to be set in a country that does the biggest Christmas you would have ever seen, not that Spiderman spends much time in Target buying dust-collecting Christmas decorations for the 5th year in a row. 

3. Dead Rising 4

Ever wanted to kill a Christmas zombie using a baseball bat covered in nails and fairy lights? Well, it’s not too late to put it on your Christmas wish list! 

Without wanting to rip into the Christmas cheer too much, the main theme of Dead Rising 4 is, of course, the bonkers amount of consumerism the world goes through each and every year for a one day feast that proceeds gift-giving. Players take the role of Frank West as he investigates the outbreak of consumerism, I mean infection, in the state of Colorado. 

4. Parasite Eve

Based on the 1996 Hideaki Sena novel, this game combines the much-loved  ‘Christmas Day’ with the lesser-loved ‘Doomsday.’ The story follows Aya Brea as she witnesses almost everyone around her combust at the Christmas Day performance at the opera.

From there, you discover the bizarre story as Aya attempts to stop the villain, Eve, from releasing sentient mitochondria into the atmosphere in an attempt to take over the world by killing every single human. Wild, isn’t it?

5. Hitman Holiday Hoarders

Even Santa impersonators can be evil, and this Hitman ain’t afraid to take ‘em down. Players follow Agent 47 as he attempts to stop two thieves from stealing Christmas cheer and presents in Paris. The mission is to stop two partners-in-crime, Harry Bagnato and Marv Gonif, no matter the cost.

This game was initially released as a Christmas fundraiser for the World Cancer Research Fund but is now available all year round for players to enjoy. 


So there you have it. If that didn’t spread a little Christmas cheer, then I’m not sure what will. Deck the halls and get ready to deck Santa Claus because it’s time to reload and power up for your next Christmas-themed game. Whether the scene will be red with merriment and cheer or the well-earned fatalities of a skilled gamer such as yourself, it’s going to be a good ol time. 

Time to unwrap some of the most twisted video games of the year and have some fun. Now let’s go chase a fat man in a weird red suit shall we? 

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