The Art of Gaming Graphics

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Gamers across the globe have recently been given access to the thought process behind video games in the form of a lengthy YouTube video. The creators of Saber Interactive have released a peek at their story art book for their next release. This got us thinking about how the art world and the gaming world are one and the same, and rely heavily upon each other to showcase the industry’s talents. 

Image via Saber Interactive/Focus Entertainment

Space Marine 2 Art Book Release 

A recent video surfaced on YouTube which took a detailed look at the latest Saber Interactive game, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2. Although the game is only set to be released in September, this teaser got fans talking but more importantly, it showcased the true talent of the artists behind it all. 

For those interested, the video itself wasn’t just a feast for the eyes; it also revealed a few tasty details about the game. 

The game will feature multiplayer options that are customisable according to your clan. Your avatar can be upgraded, and missions are optional. Apart from the nitty-gritty of it all, there were also many cool weapons and vehicles that made a feature in the sketchbook. Not only that, but there was a first-look at one of the new main characters, Chairon.

The artworks were so detailed and incredibly surreal that fans are now chomping at the bit to take a look at the real thing. 

Feast Your Eyes 

So what does this leak mean for video games and what does it A game is so much more to players when there’s a visual story to follow. Our eyes can interpret a story completely differently and can pick up on emotions and hidden narratives without having to speak. 

Games such as League of Legends were so visually stunning that the graphics almost took over entirely, leading the creators to the series of Arcane. Arcane was historically turned down multiple times, but the artists and developers persisted until the artwork was just too visually stunning to be turned away by the Riot Games owners. 

This game is another perfect example of visual storytelling. From futuristic and oversized laser guns to incredible towns up in the sky, the whole world immerses you and hooks your emotions. The story is told beautifully using facial expressions and movement. A definite must-see!

Image via Saber Interactive/Focus Entertainment

Character Development 

If it weren’t for the cloudy mystery around a character, we wouldn’t be as quick to discover who our real enemies were. A simple, quick glance at a character can be all you need to interpret their intentions, history and sometimes unfortunate personality. 

An eye-patch may mean they’ve got a gruesome past, or they’re a pirate. Tattoos may mean they have gang affiliations, or they’re an artist. A face full of makeup could mean they’re high maintenance, or they’re undercover. Those first impressions you have with various characters in a game is what helps you forge a deeper connection with the story, connecting you further with the narrative. 

Pushing Boundaries 

There are millions of ways that pixels can be brought together to tell a story. Game developers and artists have the power to combine those pixels into any tale. Whether it takes place 100 years into the future or in an alternative universe, the visual journey these pixels take us on really carries the success of the game. 

The visual journey we go on with a game is what draws us into it further. The emotional ties and the feast for your eyes combine forces to intrigue and wet your appetite. 

Image via Games Workshop


Whether it be the visual process that starts a game or the journey we go on with the final product, art and gaming go hand in hand. Games are pretty much impressive artworks consisting of numerous technological artworks and plenty of pixels. 

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