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If a 13-year-old can beat an almost 40-year-old game, surely that means it’s been done before? Think again. These games are some of the toughest games to beat, and there are plenty more Blue Scutis out there just waiting to show the gaming world that no game is undefeatable. 

We’re going to go over some of the hardest games out there, as well as the most recent defeat of an internationally infamous game and the high score that was achieved by a young tween with the support of his family. 

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A Tetris Showdown 

Last week, Blue Scuti, a 13-year-old gamer, maxed out the Tetris scoreboard at an impressive high score of 1 million points just 7 minutes into the game. By the end of his game, he had played for around 40 minutes, which ultimately led to the crash of the iconic puzzle game. 

His final statistics were a result of 1511 lines and a top-level score of 157, a first by any human. Playing Tetris for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Scuti achieved what was thought to be the impossible in as little as 7 minutes, earning him a high five from his mother while he streamed the whole thing. 

The finale of his play showed the gaming community that computers aren’t the only geniuses able to defeat this relic of a game. The 13-year-old dedicated his play to his late father and shared the inspirational message that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

The Deepest, Darkest and Most Difficult Versions of Elden Ring

Elden Ring and its Dark Souls siblings all fall under one umbrella of difficulty. Perhaps a more advanced game compared to Tetris, this modern-day knight saga requires players to follow one of the hardest formulas in order to come out successful and satisfied. 

The Dark Souls trilogy, as well as its not-so-distant cousins, Bloodborne and Demon’s Souls are some of FromSoftwares gruelling and punishing additions to the Souls family.

The formula is fairly similar for all of these games. The world of Dark Souls requires gamers to play in a third person perspective. Bloodborne is known for standing above the rest in terms of difficulty thanks to the fast pace of the fighting. Most of the games require a high level of insight as you will only progress if you manage to learn from your mistakes. The enemies are unforgiving and there are plenty of environmental hazards to overcome. 

With all that said, the Dark Souls is definitely one of the trickiest games to conquer with a much more difficult formula than Elden Ring. Similar to that of the Demon’s Souls formula, the title is difficult enough to make even the most seasoned veterans weep.

Enter the masochistic world of darkness only if you dare. The challenge is a hard one to meet and can make a game of Tetris look like child’s play.

The Complicated World of Contra 

Definitely a game series you should avoid if you are prone to becoming easily overwhelmed. Some rank this old-timey as one of the toughest video games out there, and we are inclined to agree. 

What makes Contra so difficult is the overall effect that being taken out has on your gameplay. If a player gets hit, they lose their weapon as well as a life, making the stakes quite high when it comes to staying alive.

For many, this game brings back the nostalgic feeling of screaming at a screen and throwing a console across the room, a feeling many strive to avoid during gameplay. If you feel that you really are up to the gruesome challenge that will probably end in defeat, try this well-known impossi-puzzle. 


With games like the ones mentioned above, you two will be able to prove your skin like Blue Scuti, should you actually manage to defeat them. There are certain games out there that require hours of attention, whereas others just require pure concentration and self-control so as to not throw your console out the window when you inevitably lose. We wish you good luck on your near-impossible challenge. Hopefully, you’ll find the same luck that 13-year-old Blue Scuti did. Maybe then your mum will give you a high-five. 

Image via FromSoftware

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