The success of Palworld: explained

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Do you live under a rock, or have you also been watching the Twitter tennis match between Pokémon fans and Palworld fans? A mega fireball of hate has just been launched into the gaming world due to the recent release of Palworld, otherwise casually known on the internet as “Pokémon with guns”. I hope you’re ready for a steaming plate of hot takes.

Image via Pocket Pair

Pokémon but…better?

Nintendo has hardly ever been known for releasing games for the benefit of its fans rather than its pockets, so many are rejoicing at the fact that someone has come along and run with the idea instead.

Pokémon’s last instalment, Violet and Scarlet, was featured on the Switch and was a game aimed at all ages. There were no guns or general survival antics, but the element of collecting things as you go was definitely a feature. The two games are very similar at some points, the main difference being that Palworld is aimed at a more adult audience due to the violence. In Palworld, you still collect Pokémon, or at least their version of Pokémon, but these ‘Pals’ become your sidekicks with their own weapons. The element of real-time combat creates a unique experience for every player. 

The gameplay is said to be a highlight of Palworld, and the element of being a “Pokémon with guns” is definitely something that will attract hordes of eager fans and, unfortunately, take some of the attention away from the original franchise. There are plenty of controversial opinions such as this one, so let’s tuck in. 

Someone Had to Do It

With over 1.5 million concurrent players on Stream, it’s no surprise Nintendo is feeling a bit sore due to Pocket Pair’s new release. The fact of the matter is it has been sleeping on an open-world combat game for years. 

Yes, Nintendo did release an attempt at an open-world game with Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, but fans were left disappointed with the graphics and the horrific glitches. Ever since, the loyal army of Pokémon lovers has been crying out for a game tailored for a more adult audience…and the creators of Palworld heard their cries. 

Yes, the characters are clearly related to the Pokémon we all know and love, and yes, the energy is incredibly similar to that of other Pokémon games, but it’s still different. There are guns and a myriad of other weapons! Palworld is the fearless version of Pokémon, where there are no boundaries, and it isn’t afraid to experiment and test out the fans’ likes and dislikes. In fact, Palworld takes inspiration from other popular titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Ark: Survival Evolved. It’s almost as if Pocketpair heard all of the negative feedback and decided to use every piece of information to create a game. Genius if you ask me

Nintendo Helped Pocketpair Win

Since the Twitter wars began, search engines across the globe have been bombarded with questions and reviews of the well-known game of Palworld. It has been just over two weeks since the game hit the scene, and searches have increased by almost 700%, boosting the game’s fame and success. 

Nintendo had everyone’s suspicions up when it posted a promotional video amid all of the chaos and slander, only adding fuel to the fire of old Pokémon fans vs new Palworld fans

The fans of Palworld are also fans of Pokémon. Let’s face it: Palworld wouldn’t be successful if Pokémon wasn’t such a phenomenon. The nostalgia and excitement this game brings are all due to the hype that has gathered over the years. It just happens to be someone else who gave it to the fans. 

The Not-So-Fun Stuff

Nintendo announced on the weekend that it would be “investigating the Pokémon with guns” developers for intellectual property rights as it claims to have never given permission for characters or any Pokémon property to be used in the new Pocket Pair game.  

This statement seems to resemble a legal threat against the company, so it looks like the tennis match will move from Twitter to the courtroom any day soon. 

Concluding the Conflict 

It doesn’t matter which side you are on; you’re definitely curious about the new Palworld game. The creators saw an opportunity and took it, and it paid off. The game has been a hit success and Pokémon received no credit. But any true fan of the franchise will recognise that without Pokémon, Palworld would not exist, so let’s be a little civil!

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