What Should be on your Gaming Radar: What’s Happening in May

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We’ve seen a lot of launches this past quarter, and the month of May is set to continue the trend. There will be exciting launches for almost every console available, ranging from VR to PC and the well-known Xbox and PS. Here are a few of the titles you can expect within the next few weeks.

Image via Unsplash

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2

May 21st will bring the latest edition to the Senua Saga. If you’re into everything Norse and mythical, this is the game for you. 

Follow the story of an unlikely heroine in this Ninja Theory developed game. The game itself was built in Unreal Engine 5 making for an exciting and incredibly immersive dark atmosphere that will impress you and have you hooked. 

This second instalment has been described as a new and improved version of the previous instalments, featuring revamped puzzles for you to crack and exciting, action-packed combat that will test your skills. 

This game has to be Xbox Series X’s most exciting launch for 2024.

Image via Ninja Theory

Prison Architect 2

A fairly niche game that will surprise you with its exciting problem-solving, fans of the first game are sure to be in for a treat with Prison Architect 2

Designed and released by the company Introversion Software, the second version has had its fair share of delays. The launch is set to be May 7th, 2024. The first game had over 2 million copies sold and reached an impressive profit at almost USD$10 million. 

The latest reason for the delay was announced by the developers as “extra time” to optimise and strengthen the game’s capacity and availability on all platforms. 

This game will feature 3D gameplay unlike the first instalment, and will be available on Microsoft Windows, PS5 and XBX. We hope you’re ready to construct the ultimate prison this May!

Image via Double Eleven

Endless Ocean Luminous

Nintendo and Nintendo Switch gamers all have their juice boxes and thumbs ready for this one. For beautiful underwater scenes, this Arika developed game is the third of its kind. 

Arika has been quiet the last couple of years, last releasing anything in 2009, making this launch so much more exciting. Your role in the game is of an adventurous scuba diver, tasked with documenting and interacting with the marine life of the deep sea. 

With an impressive multiplayer mode allowing up to 30 friends to join, you can explore the depths and wonders of the sea with your friends whilst having fun. 

Look out for this one on May 2nd. 

Image via ARIKA

Homeworld 3

There’s a reason this game has won awards previously. Homeworld 3 is set to carry on from the spectacular Homeworld series from the seat of a combat spacecraft exploring the vast galactic world. 

A game of strategy, this game allows you to take command of major 3D terrains in space. Your job is to strategise your way under the enemy’s noses and ambush them with your powerful space fleet in tow. 

The game is based on how you organise your team to avoid enemy forces and ultimately catch them by surprise.

Expect the take-off of this game on May 13th. 

Image via Blackbird Interactive


May is the month of indie games and revivals. Whether you play with a Nintendo Switch or a PC, there’s set to be something for everyone. Sit back and enjoy the launch of possibly some of your new favourite games this season. 

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